In 60 Minutes around the World

Ready for a short trip?

In 2018 the AdventureRooms Airlines are ready to take off with six new and exciting escape room adventures in Dresden. Each of them takes you on a journey into a different country.

There is just one common feature for all our adventures: Your team will have 60 Minutes to solve challenging puzzles and find a way out in order to return home safely.

Are you ready for a new challenge?

Let us take you on a Journey

Six new exciting Escape Adventures

Exit-Room Italia Mafia Dresden


The Backroom

On a balmy summer night you are promenading in the streets of Palermo, but suddenly you hear with screeching tires and a black van stops in front of you.

Exit-Room Galerie Dresden


The Art Gallery

A famous art gallery in Paris shows some of the most expensive exhibits of our time. An anonymous client hires you to steal a painting from the highly secured building.

Exit-Room Dracula Dresden



Bran. While you are searching a destination for your next adventure trip, you discover a Romanian website about a mysterious castle in Transylvania.

Exit-Room Kino Dresden


The Cinema

As you are leaving the diner, the police wants to arrest you for causing a public nuisance. In the last moment you break free and escape into a cinema.

Exit-Room Berlin Unfall


The Car Crash

Your bank robbery has been a total disaster! To escape from the police, you steal an ambulance but the driver messes up and crashes into a building.

Exit-Room Spektrum Dresden



During a exchange program in Switzerland, you are excited for the lesson in the science lab. But just the very first experiment goes is ending in a disaster.

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AdventureRooms Airline Gutschein Escape Game
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The VIP Boarding Cards are shipped in a limited edition of our wooden gift box which also includes an AdventureRooms Passport. In your passport you can collect stamps for entering and finishing each of our six adventures.

You can set the number of tickets in the box in our ticket shop. So the box is a nice gift for couples and small teams as well as for larger groups. Each ticket is a voucher for one player and includes a code for priority boarding. The recipient will be free to chose a date and time on his own.

Find us here:

Flughafen Dresden International
Wilhelmine-Reichard-Ring 1
01109 Dresden

Unser Standort am Albertplatz

Here you can pickup tickets with self-collect:

Bautzner Straße 1 (former ‘Nudelturm’)
01099 Dresden

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