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Our rooms at Dresden airport



On a warm summer evening you stroll through the alleys of Palermo, when suddenly a black
van stops in front of you with squealing tires.



A famous gallery in Paris displays some of the most valuable works of art and relics of our
time. An anonymous client orders you to steal a painting from it.



The first time in New York City! When the police want to arrest you for causing a public
nuisance, you flee into a nearby movie theater.


The accident

Your bank robbery has gone wrong and on the run you steal an ambulance. In the rush you
crash into an apartment building and the owner arrests you.



During the student exchange with Switzerland, you are especially looking forward to the
lesson in the experiment room. But the very first experiment goes wrong.



While planning your next adventure trip, you discovered a dubious Romanian website that tells about a mysterious lost castle in Transylvania.

Escape Room Dresden Logo Adventurerooms


Our rooms in the center of Dresden Neustadt

Swiss original

Discover the space that a Swiss teacher developed for his students and which now inspires
the whole world.


Explore an GDR-style nostalgic apartment and plan your escape to freedom. Will you manage to find a way out?

Professor Booster

Professor Booster researches mysterious things. Will you manage to escape from his secret

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Whether for festivals, corporate parties, weddings and much more. Our adventure bus is up for any fun.

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At Dresden Airport

School Classes & Non Profit Organizations receive a special price 15€ (Albertplatz) / 20€ (Airlines). Please use our contact form for this.

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Event request

You are looking for the perfect adventure, team event, Christmas party, team building event, company party, bachelor party or birthday party with more than 14 people in an Escape Room in Dresden? Then send us an inquiry via our offer form. We are looking forward to see you soon.

Please check the booking calendar in advance to see if the dates are still available:


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Something about us

From Switzerland…

A teacher from Switzerland wanted to offer his students interactive lessons to spark their fascination with science, so he built the first AdventureRooms in the basement of his high school.
Students soon brought their parents, and it wasn’t long before the public wanted to play, too. Shortly thereafter – due to the media presence – there was already an AdventureRooms location in five cities in Switzerland.

… to the whole world!

The concept was then taken around the world: A world traveler from Canada was so enthusiastic about the idea that she opened the first international franchise in Canada. Other AdventureRooms followed in France, Great Britain and Spain, and since 2014 AdventureRooms has also existed in Germany.
Worldwide, AdventureRooms is now represented in 17 countries on four continents.

The Original

At AdventureRooms, we place great emphasis on the quality and versatility of the games. Therefore, we develop all puzzles and tasks ourselves and do not use so-called blueprints from other games.

Globus im Escape Room Mafia in Dresden
Escape Room Lobby rot beleuchte am Dresden Flughafen

Want a Short Trip?

Six new exciting Escape Game adventures await you at Dresden Airport with AdventureRooms Airlines.

Each of our games takes you on a journey to a different country. All of our adventures have just one thing in common: you have 60 minutes to solve exciting puzzles, find the way out and return home safely.

Are you up to the challenge? Whether it’s a company party, team event, bachelor party or class reunion, with us every occasion becomes an adventure.

We are on the road for you!

A quick look through the bus. A quiet seat is hopeless.
The last free seat is right next to the dripping and defective air conditioner.
If only you hadn’t booked the cheap ticket!

Will you manage to escape from the wooden class to the VIP area in only 25 minutes?
Climb aboard our adventure bus and come with AdventureRooms On Tour on an exciting journey full of secrets and puzzles, for which you need not only team spirit and brains, but also a lot of good humor.

Unser mobiles Escape Room aus Dresden auf einem Festival
Gefängniszelle im Escape Room Mafia Dresden Flughafen

Will you escape?

Face the puzzling challenges of the mysterious Escape Game worlds of AdventureRooms as friends, family or colleagues.
Because completely on your own, you have to examine mysterious objects, find hiding places and secret doors and solve tricky puzzles in order to escape from the room.

Experience an exciting adventure for one hour in one of the three exciting Escape Game worlds of the AdventureRooms Dresden. Right in the heart of the trendy Neustadt district, directly on Albertplatz with a view of the Goldener Reiter and the Elbe, an exciting experience awaits you on the sixth floor of the former Nudelturm.

Whether birthday, bachelorette party, company party or just for in between, make your day a highlight.

Looking forward to see you!

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