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With approximately 15,000 visitors per location every year per, AdventureRooms Germany is one of the most popular brands in the entertainment sector. We offer our partners different possibilities to benefit from synergy.

Do you have a product that we can build into our games? Whether as decoration or as part of a riddle, we can integrate products seamlessly into our rooms. So the visitor builds a sustainable emotional connection to it during the game. We are always looking for clever ideas to continuously develop our technical puzzles.

A new approach of Employer Branding!

If you are looking for young and specialized staff, we offer a new type of employer branding. At AdventureRooms, the players can get in touch with your company for the first time and they will not forget it. On that account we are looking especially for technology companies who are willing to help us with the puzzle development of the future. Topics such as sensors, electrical engineering and software programming are of high interest for us.

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