For 2-14 Players and Groups up to 40 Persons

Three exciting exit rooms in Hamburg

Are 60 minutes enough to escape?

Ready for an escape rooms adventure?

You‘ve made it! You‘ve overcome the first obstacle like it was nothing. You‘ve found us!

You are seeking for new, mysterious and bizarre Escape Game adventures? You want to experience the most challenging and exciting 60 minutes of your life together with your friends? Or maybe you just want to escape the tedious office routine with your coworkers and colleagues? You have come to the right place.

Located in the midst of Hammerbrook, in the center of the Heidenkampsweg, we offer you and your team the special kind of Live Escape Game.

What to expect

You will find yourself locked up in an unknown space to immerse into a completely different world. In order to escape, you‘ll have to solve tricky riddles and tasks, locate hideouts and decipher the meaning of mysterious objects, devices and signs. And all you‘ve got is 60 minutes – the countdown is running! The skillset you require in order to escape consists of cunning, logical thinking as well as teamwork and a proper communication. The key to success lies within your team.

After you‘ve completed the adventure, you‘ll be able to refresh yourself with tasty cold drinks and share the gained experiences of the past 60 minutes. This Life Escape Game of the special kind is suited for Christmas partiescorporate events as well as stag parties and family trips, birthdays, together with friends, students and visitors to the city.

The “duel mode” – our speciality!

Are you looking for an adventure for a large group? Then you’ve come to the right place! All our Escape Rooms can be played by 7 to 14 people in a special mode. This allows you to play against each other in 2 teams within the same escape game. You’ll play 2 rounds of 30 minutes alternating a “Hunter” and a “Hunted” game. With this game variant, we can serve up to 40 people simultaneously in our Escape Rooms. Without loss of time or long waiting times. There is only a 15-minute break between your two 30-minute rounds.

Who escapes? And who catches the opposing team before it gains freedom? That is the question.

AdventureRooms 100% Original Escape Games

100% Original Games

For us the quality and variety of the games is of highest priority. Therefore, we are developing all the puzzles and tasks ourselves and do not use so-called blueprints from other games or providers.

Exciting Jobs (DE)

Du suchst einen fesselnden Job in einem Unternehmen mit frischen Ideen und einem jungen Team? Dann schau dir unsere Stellenangebote an!

Our Escape Rooms

Success Rate60%

As you slowly regain your consciousness, you notice that you are chained in a mysterious garage. Can you solve the puzzles that a Swiss teacher has developed to escape?

2-12 Players. Also in Duel Mode. (Learn more)

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Success Rate40%

The human existence is overwhelmed! Immerse yourself in the dream world of your patient, decode together a mysterious virus and save humanity.

2-14 Players. Also in Duel Mode. (Learn more)

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Success Rate10%

Can you escape from the bizarre apartment of a renowned but crazy professor? You have to deal with the most absurd and confused experiments of a genius.

2-14 Players. Also in Duel Mode. (Learn more)

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Prices & Gift Cards

The booking process

After you have selected a date and the time, you‘ll be able to get your booking arranged online. You may choose to deposit € 25 and pay the rest on-site in cash or by EC card. If you prefer, you can pay the full price at the time of booking. In case you will not be able to attend after all, you can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours prior to the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, any cancellations thereafter cannot be refunded.

Please keep in mind, that we are a Live Event and that punctuality is therefore imperative. We would therefore ask you to arrive ten minutes in advance to the reserved time so that the fun can begin on time. A description of our game types as well as all other questions can be found in our frequently asked questions.


Please keep in mind: The larger the number of participants, the lower the individual price! So grab your friends or colleagues and let the fun begin!

Standard Mode
7 players and more 20,00 € pro Spieler
6 players 22,50 € pro Spieler
5 players 24,00 € pro Spieler
4 players 27,50 € pro Spieler
3 players 30,00 € pro Spieler
2 players 35,00 € pro Spieler

Gift Cards

Abenteuer Gutschein Magdeburg

For the AdventureRooms Hamburg, gift-cards are available in a mysterious wooden box. To open it you will need to solve a riddle, so the adventure starts right from the first moment. The vouchers can certainly be redeemed during the online booking process. If the voucher is meant to be a present, we recommend ordering 5 working days in advance.

Bachelor Parties, Girls Nights or Birthday Parties. The perfect adventure for all occasions.

Team Events in our Escape Rooms


Team building and team events with AdventureRooms Hamburg

You will need your team mates or there is no chance of success: In order to escape not only dexterity and and a sharp mind are required, but also efficient communication and cooperation within your group!

Events for up to 40 people

You are looking for a special teambuilding event, the next party with your colleagues from work or a great way to strengthen your team spirit?

Then AdventureRooms Hamburg is the right choice!

Escape Rooms for your bachelor party

You will need your team mates or there is no chance of success: In order to escape not only dexterity and and a sharp mind are required, but also efficient communication and cooperation within your group!

Popular choice for a girls night out

The girls love to go out every once in a while. Without their men, without the kids… just the girls! And if you really want to prove that you and your friends share a special bond, then accept our challenge and solve the riddles in our escape rooms! let’s see if you can make it out!

Contact Us

Find us here:

AdventureRooms Hamburg
Heidenkampsweg 51

20097 Hamburg

Directions and parking

There are several paths leading straight to us. You can take the Heidenkampfweg 51-57 by car and search for a parking sport on the adjacent streets around our building or take the S3 or S31 (HVV S-Bahn) to Hammerbrook or the S1, S21, U2, U3 and U4 (HVV S-Bahn and subway) to Berliner Tor. From there, you‘ll find us within a walking distance of a few minutes. The HVV bus lines 112, 154 and 160 are also stopping right at our location. Getting out at the stop Wendenstraße will place you right in front of the AdventureRooms Hamburg.

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