Mobiles Escape Game Adventurerooms Magdeburg
Unser mobiles Escape Room aus Dresden auf einem Festival
Equipment: 3/10
Skills: 8/10
Sucessrate: 3/10


Perfect for your event

AdventureRooms are now on their way to you!

With our bus, we bring a complete AdventureRooms game to your event, whether it’s a company party, team event, festival, birthday party or city festival.

As soon as the doors close, you and your group have exactly 25 minutes to find your way from the wooden class to the VIP area and finally out of the bus.
This requires not only skill and logical thinking, but also good teamwork.
but also good teamwork.

An event is coming up and you don’t have an idea?
With us, every celebration becomes a highlight. All you need is a parking space where we can set up.

We take care of the rest. Send us your request now and get the mobile Escape Game to you.