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From Switzerland …

A Swiss teacher wanted to offer his students an interactive way of teaching to awake their fascination in natural sciences, so he built the first AdventureRooms in the basement of his school. As the students brought their parents, the demand for public games rose quickly and due to the great media presence AdventureRooms was soon based in five Swiss major cities.

… to the whole World.

Subsequently, the concept has been carried around the world: A world traveler from Canada was so convinced of the concept that she opened the first international franchise in Canada. More AdventureRooms in France, Italy and Spain followed and since 2014, AdventureRooms is also based in Germany. Today AdventureRooms is represented in 17 countries on four continents.

100% Original Games

At AdventureRooms, the quality and variety of the games is of utmost importance. Therefore, we are developing all the puzzles and tasks ourselves and do not use so-called blueprints from other games.

AdventureRooms 100% Original Escape Games

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AdventureRooms Germany aims to offer the best games and the best staff. Join us in the exciting world of escape games!

Become a franchise partner and open your very own location.

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